Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jilly went home with Mea

Image009 This is Natasha Mea. Isn’t she pretty?

She has this bonding with animals. She played,patted and hugged all our doggies in the shed when she came last Sunday and finally Jilly was chosen by her.


Mae feeling happy and pleased with clueless Jilly renamed Whitney going home.

Email from Mae’s daddy, Kavin,

Uh huh, yes, we renamed her Whitney. She still doesn’t realize it’s her name but of course, it’s been only 2 days

Some updates…

1) Her stool is still mushy but there this morning’s had more solid portions so it looks like stool-wise, she’s improving.

2) Yes, she whines whenever she thinks she’s alone. We’re having her sleep with us in our bedroom and she does want attention in the wee hours of the morning.

3) My daughter Mea is quite affectionate with Whitney so that’s pretty great too.(We can see that when she was in the shed)

Do feel free to drop by for a visit. Preferably on the weekends, late mornings or early noon.

Thanks Kavin , for the updates and for giving Whitney a chance to be loved,cared and a home.Adopting  a puppy is like having a new baby in the family.We need to give her time to adjust in her new home and to understand that you all are her new family members now. Off course your family too need to adjust your daily routines  with a new family member otherwise having a new puppy will be a chore.

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