Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Accepting A New Friend

Meet 2year old Toffee. P5090073

He has given his mummy a fright of a lifetime when he goes missing one fine day.Mummy has gone to the pound to look for him. Finally they found him hiding in an empty house under construction across their house five hours later.

Reason: He is not happy with his new companion Mummy brought back.

P5090059Tabby follows him wherever he goes.

P5090065Sleeps near him


Fight for attention innocently

P5090058 Mess up his bed!

P5090060 Off course he gives him a tummy rub sometimes.

Just like humans we need to compromise and adjust our expectations when we have a new member in the family. We hope Toffee will learn to accept his new companion Tabby soon.

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