Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Piss Us Off

1. People who rescue but dumped the animal at us.

2. Donate but does not bother after that.

3. No follow up on the wellbeing of the rescued animals.


It does piss us off with some people. They will rescue and will try to save these poor animals. We are very happy that they showed compassion, but after getting someone to help them they just washed their hands off!!! We know that they have donated to people who will care for them but don’t they want to know what happened to the animal they rescued? We have to emphasize,rescuing does not end there, we have to ensure that they end up in good hands.

To all of you who stays in apartments and who has too many animals and can’t adopt anymore, if you ever rescue one please do the follow up work. If you can, pay the rescued animal visits before they can be re-homed.Its real frustrating when you just dumped a rescued animal at us,when we ourselves have so many other things to attend to. If you are busy, do you think we are very free??? Sacrifice a little of your time. If we can do it why can’t you. Mind you we have young ladies and men who will drop in during the weekends to play with our rescued dogs and pups and help us clean the shed whenever they are free. Its so refreshing to see them around. If they can do it…why can’t you?


Anonymous said...

Thus is Wani. Jen has been very responsible in regard to rescuing this dog. She had been calling me for weeks before rescuing the dog. Unfortunately, the only day she was able to do the rescue was a Sunday and that's why she could not take it to Dr Ben's. And that is also why I calleed you to ask for help for the pup to be taken to your panel clinic. Jen is in a difficult situation now because of variou8s factors including looking for new employment. As someone who has been rescuing strays for quite some time, I can vouch that Jen has been very respopnsible - I say this because I personally experience many cases of dumping by so-called rescuers. Jen did not do that. She was handed over the pup to me and I asked you to temporarily hold it for me because I have distemper cases in my half-way home. It is unfair to attack Jen like this and the poor girl is in tears. She says she will be taking the puppy back and release back on the streets where she found it as she has no choice. I told her not to do it and asked her to bring the pup to me. I'll board it in a clinic. I am very dissapointed with what has happened. Please do not resort to hurting people feelings through this blog.

Fan said...

This post was written becos we have pups dumped at us by known and unknown people..We do not mind if they really have no place to house them like ourselves.What irritates us is that they disappear after that When we ask them to spare an hour or two during the weekends they will always come up with excuses, nevertheless we will never neglect the pups.
Sometimes we need to tell others what is actually happening. Rescue does not end in finding someone who can help you to house the pup, but a lengthy process till they find a good home. It may take months or years and a lot of people fail to see that during this period the rescued animals still need to be cared.
FYI this post was not meant to attack or hurt anyone in specific, its for people to know what is expected from them if they ever want to rescue. Some are still very ignorant of what is to be done.
As for young emotional Jen, I did explain to her our situation. I have given her the option to leave the pup at our shed as pup has lost her confidence and we can’t even touch her. Jen need to give the poor pup assurance that she is on safe ground or I ask for is for her to pay the pup a visit.