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POLLY – Aunty Kiew’s first batch of rescued puppies

Hello Aunty Fan!
Sorry had been busy lately and apologize for the late reply.
Polly has grown so much lately! We bring him for walks twice a day and he is super active!
Just like a small boy who refuses to go back from the playground! =)
Very friendly but sometimes gets a bit too naughty! He had indigestion last week and we brought him to the vet.
He now weighs 8.5kg at 4months! The vet said he will grow into a big doggie and now he looks similarly to a German Shepard!
I heard there was a disease breakout at the shelter where all the puppies were very sick! I hope you are coping fine with the workload. Would really like to go and help out but working and studying has been tying me down.
Hope to see you soon!


Polly-2mths then

Above is from Michelle who adopted Polly one of the soldier of Aunty Kiew’s first batch of rescued puppies in the beginning of the year. Its good to know that Michelle still update us once in a while on the progress of Polly.Michelle sorry we took so long to post your update as we were looking for Polly’s old photos.

Polly-2mths then

OUR BIG BROTHER from the Riverside


Hi. Thanks for enquirying about the puppy.

We named him RED BOY bcoz his fur looked reddish. He is progressing very well and goes everywhere with me. He also sleeps in my room and everyone say he is very spoilt. (Oh dear, he is sure lucky)Took him for his second injection and deworming on 12/3/2010 after which he was sick for two days.

Currently he is changing his puppy fur and is shedding all over the place. He had also lost all his puppy fat and is quite thin which I am very disappointed as he is very choosy about his food now.(Don’t worry,Polly who was adopted by Michelle above too gone through that stage and now read what she had written about Polly)

I am sorry I can't send you any photos as I didn't take any recently but hopefully when he grows bigger I will have nicer photos for you.(Thanks, we will wait patiently)

Oh ya, he has also damaged my notebook by biting the wires and the dining table bcoz he was angry I did not take him out one day. Except from that, he is very good and seldom destroy the furniture but also bcoz I gave him many toys to play and bite.(Lucky Red Boy and we are real pleased to read that he is pampered )

Thanks and take care.

Agnes Khoo

Mail From and To Munchy

Ah Ha! Another mail from Munchy to Sam.It looks like Munchy gained his confidence fast.

Hello Pretty Woman,

This is Munchy, The Handsome One ! Remember me ?

Well you see I am now a PJ resident. I have now stayed in my owner’s house for almost 3 weeks and I like it here. I think my owner likes me but he does get annoyed when I do things which I am not supposed to do. But you know I am only 6 ½ months old and I am still learning how to live in a huge house after wandering around for so long. My owner’s maid, Lydia just adores me. She is always talking to me but even though I don’t understand her, I know she is saying only nice things. She wakes me up at 6.00 in the morning and I walk around the house with her while she puts the feed for the birds and the wipes the dirt from the two cars. She picks up the newspaper and then goes inside to prepare breakfast for the Bossafter which she feeds the fish I am then served my food.

I was taken to the Vet where I got my 2nd vaccination 2 week ago. Wow! it was painful, but I did not cry. The vet even said ‘Good Boy’. I enjoy running around the house. I have been trying to find a suitable place to ease myself but since the Boss has not given me a toilet of my own I am now doing it at different places everyday. I think I have covered the whole garden, but I must soon decide on one place if I don’t want the Boss to kick me out. You know what! I will be getting my own doghouse soon. The contractor will start work next week and I am getting a doghouse with a run. I just saw the plans. Jealous ?

You know I have been trying to read my Boss’s mind and I think I know some of the things I do which is annoying him. Firstly I bark at anybody and everybody who come into the compound or even walk in front of the house. I cannot make out who is friend and who is foe. So everybody gets the same treatment. After all I am a watchdog, right?.(see photos) I completely ignore the Boss, his wife and even the maid when they try to tell me to stop barking as the people are guests. And believe me, my barks are really loud and terrifying.

And then there is this business of running out of the house anytime I see the gate open. They all come running after me calling my name saying things like NO MUNCHY!, COME BACK MUNCHY! BALEK MUNCHY! , all of which I don’t understand.

Can you help my Boss? Can you find a trainer who can teach all the people in this house how to tell me what they want me to do or not do? I very much like to obey them but they all talk a language I don’t understand. You should have interviewed them and checked their CV before you let me go.

Well, it is getting late and I have to stop as I am feeling sleepy. How are you getting on? I think of you all the time and so I hope you don’t forget me.

With lots of Love,


Our Reply on behalf of Pretty Woman who is on vacation.

Dear Munchy,

Its great to hear from you again. Your mail did perked us up when we are not feeling cheerful. Anyway,let me get straight to the point and let Pretty Woman advise you more when she comes back. Munchy, if I were you I would not run out of the house.Have you forgotten how difficult life was when you were out there. You were nearly caught by the dog catcher if it is not for Aunty Kiew who came to save you. Ah Hah! You are not as timid as what your Boss thought you were initially, huh?You fooled him earlier but I think you won’t be able to now. He is beginning to see your true colors flaring out.

We have to admit that you sure look handsome now with the love and attention you are been showered with. Your own doghouse? Boy, your old friends here will surely be so envious of you.Would you like to share with someone? Maybe you can ask your Boss to get you a companion and you won’t be waiting to run out the house to look for someone who speak the same language and to play and fight with you.

Well, I got to go. Send our regards to your Boss and family and off course to your morning companion too. Oh Yes! Scrabby renamed Corby,your playmate who were nearly caught by the dog catcher with you also found a good loving home in Puchong.

Cheers and Miss You,

Aunties at the Shed

Munchy Today



P2040843 The day we took Munchy back from the market with Corby

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