Thursday, April 8, 2010

What made us feel rewarded

Ellen updated us on her adopted pup, Scrabby renamed Corby.

"Hi! Corby is coping amazingly well. She's very friendly towards me & Eric. We didn't leash her on the 1st 2 days and automatically, she does all her business on the grass and we are amazed by her. We did some fencing job to prevent her from climbing out and we noticed that she knows she is not supposed to. She is friendly towards visitors as she doesn't bark at them. She bites my slippers. Very naughty and playful. Hahaha... So I got her a rawhide bone to distract her. She eats less dog biscuits and preys for bones and real meats. I fed her chicken feet and liver on weekend and she likes them. Then she became choosy. For the next few days, will have to monitor her eating habit as her only food is dog biscuits for now.

Another thing is whenever I brought her out for walks, she always hung around rubbish bins. She found a fish bone on the road but I immediately took away from her mouth. And she is not aware that cars are hazardous. Like though cars are toys to her. Lucky for me she's leashed.

She cried during specific hours. Like 4pm till dawn. Night time she's okay and quiet. Guess she's yawning for companionship or she misses her friends and you guys. Other than these she's very obedient. She likes us to stay out with her even though we are not playing, just sitting is good enough. Haven't take much of her photos (she's quite active). Please see attached. Will update you on her progress.
Thank you, guys.
Tommy in his new house with new friend (sister), a miniature schnauzer named Chocolate

Sms from Uma on Tommy - the only male from the 4 seasons on Wednesday : " Tommy is quite settled in and will take him for his second vaccination this week."

Sheepy - another of the 4 seasons siblings adopted by student Sky Leong

Her name is Sheepy. hehe^^don worry bout taking care of Sheepy,i feed her every morning and night.Play with her in the evening and she gets really excited and playful haha =).although i have alot of due dates for assignments and exams but i wont leave sheepy out. dont worry ^^thanks alot for your guidance and care.

This is truly a happy ending for abandoned animals, isn't it?

Please do come forward to adopt our puppies, by offering them a small place to stay in your house, you are making a big change to their whole life...this is one of the most rewarding thing you can ever do to help us in this rehoming path...right, guys?