Monday, April 19, 2010

Post-Adoption Drive

Before we blog about the successful adoption drive @ Desa Parkcity, I (Sam) would like to share a cute story that happened after the event.

This is Lily Black. She was so reluctant to go to the adoption drive. Kim was busy pacifying her & cleaning her with wet cloth before the adoption drive.

So after the adoption drive, Lily was not adopted. I sent her back to the shed again. Me, Kim, Apple & Xuan were sorting the donations in my car after we have settled all the pups & kibbles. While we were counting the donations, Lily sneaked into my car and everyone was laughing at her silly act.

After we tar pau all the donations, everyone 'happily' closed the car door without realising that Lily was still in my car. So after i drop Joe off, then only i heard bell sound in my car. Then followed with wet nose touching my ankle.

Guess what?

Yes! Lily black was is my car all the way from Old Klang Road to Seri Kembangan & none of us (me & Joe) realised that. The picture explained why we couldn't notice Lily at all!

Sam: Aiyoh! Lily! I m not holding the donation cash lar! You don't have to escort me....
Lily: The weather is so warm.... I prefer car ride than staying at the temple....

Sam: Byebye Lily!!! Thanks for escorting me. You are sooooooooooo sweeeeeeeet! *muaks*
So I sent her back to the temple again all the way from Seri Kembangan. I'm sure Fan, Kim & Apple were having a good laugh!

p/s: The 3rd pic, do you notice that Lily's eyes are bluish? The vet said Lily is having corneal ulcer & she is recovering. So no biggie! She is still up for adoption.
Lily is approx 6~7 months old, black colour with droppy ears & looks a lil black lab. She has been spayed & fully vaccinated. She is gentle & needless to say, enjoys car ride to the max!
Please give her a loving home. Call Sam @ 012-2900215 / Fan @ 012-2052906.

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