Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Out of sight, never ever out of mind

This post is dedicated to Puchong & her 5 puppies….

PuchongWe love you, Puchong. You were such a great mama.

I still remember the first time I saw you at Puchong dog pound, lying down quietly & helplessly. There were so many dogs around you. I was so naive & commented to April, why are you so fat & lazy? Little did I know that you were actually heavily pregnant. The sight of you lying down there helplessly haunted me for that night.

The next day Mrs Lai told me she visited the pound & found that you actually delivered 5 pups, so did Subang. The pound caretaker did not separate you & your pups from others. They splashed water on you & your pups while washing the floor. We felt so bad for you.

When Mrs Lai told us she claimed all 12 of you (Puchong + 5 pups & Subang + 5 pups) out from the pound, we had somehow breathed a sigh of relief.

We are surprised that all 6 of you left us one-by-one. Maybe the God thinks this is the best for all of you, to reunion on the rainbow bridge. You & all your 5 angels are now running freely over the hills and meadows.

DSC01640 DSC01636

The cute 3-legged pup, sorry that we did not rename you. We renamed you Sandi, alright?

DSC01668 P1020737

Mocha, you looked so wise at your age

DSC01655 DSC01665

Betterfly & Mocha enjoyed cuddling up together


Butterfly, you resembled one of Sai E’s pup (Happy) so much.

R.I.P. Puchong & 5 lil angels

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Unknown said...

At least they experienced love and care from all of you before they had to go...