Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Fears and Joy

In this mission we are in, especially with so many furry friends waiting for us to care and look for homes, we always pray that there is no time bomb waiting for us in the shed every morning .Their health been our major concern. With the recent passing of Randy and Kara, it does upset all of us. We have been spending tonnes and tonnes of disinfectants to clean the shed and all the preventive medications to boost all our furry friends’ immunity and we still have to ignore someone who is very envious of us, the so called ex-caretaker of the temple.He is forever creating trouble for us. Our electricity wires are always cut off and on and off we will see parts of the shed been destroyed or damaged, our feeding bowls are thrown behind the sheds!! Silly man….we realized that there is no point picking a fight with him. We just leave him be….we have better things to do.

P4120156 Ah Hah! This is what put a smile on our face when we came in on a Sunday morning. Gim, YOU BRIGHTENED UP OUR DAY!!! All of us were so pleased that Gim came as early as 8am to do this for our furry friends.Gim on behalf of our furry friends we would like to THANK YOU. We know you pity our furry friends having no proper kennel. Our furry friends will truly love it.

Oh yes, Starry, the male dog from the motorshop hid in it during the heavy down pour last night, Rocky was very jealous and started barking his head off. Aunty Kiew had to carry Starry to our new shed to pacify Rocky. Sorry no pic to show you as one of us had to carry Rocky away from Starry and another had to help Aunty Kiew carry heavy Starry. Naughty Rocky.

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