Friday, April 9, 2010

Another litter of Riverside Puppies

This is the latest riverside puppies and we hope that it will be the last litter. The mum ran away when we approached. Besides Ah Moi ( I think that is her name…Aunty Kiew do have weird names for her furry friends) we have only 2 more left in this colony. They are Ah Boy and Ah Girl. P4070039

As usual Ah Boy will greet her

P4070040 A Girl will follow but weary of us.

P4070041 Another cute one in making

P4070042another one…

P4070045Only Aunty Kiew will crawl in


Butterrfly looking one according to Aunty Kiew

P4070053 Sleeping soundly on a hot afternoon

Could not get pictures of all five as they are fast asleep in this crampy makeshift home made by Aunty Kiew

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