Friday, February 19, 2010

We Wonder……..

We wonder…….. Why are we so afraid of the Authority coming?


Is saving lives legally wrong?

Are what we are doing a SIN?

Is it a crime to find loving homes for the unfortunate?

Is it so shameful to do what we are doing?

If the answer is ‘YES’ . Tell us what need to be done to be someone who can live happily even seeing some other living being surfer.

We have asked the permission from the temple committee to build a transit home for the unfortunate doggies. We too know that we can not keep so many of them here and nothing beats a loving home.

Don’t you think that we are helping to reduce the stray problem in town? Why do they not see this point. We prevent the unfortunate from been a nuisance to those who don’t take pity on them…We are not doing this for our own benefit. We do not get richer materially instead we do get a lot of heartaches and burnt pockets!

Off course we do feel happy if we can find a loving home for these unfortunate.Sometimes reluctantly too we have to let them go to homes where they are required for what they are good at – to guard the owner’s home . As long as they are not abused and have a place call HOME we cannot deny them this opportunity. We cannot keep them here forever though we love to.

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