Friday, February 5, 2010

Thank You but No Thanks

We were very happy to know that there is a willing fosterer for our pups. Off course all services rendered to us are welcomed. She came and was very eager to take them home especially, Furball.She seems to adore him. She mentioned that the first thing she will do when she gets home is to bath them.

P2040878 Bored looking Furball

P2050891Tinkerbell fast asleep

What? Aunty Kiew and Fan interrupted her “No bathing for such a small pup.Maybe you can just wipe her with a damp warm towel”

“During the coming Chinese New Year, I am going to bring them visiting” Ah? Did we hear correctly? Obviously we told her that they can’t go anywhere at this age without any vaccination to protect them. “O K I bring them for their vaccination” Oh dear! Can we trust her? Since we came this far we decided to observe her.

Finally what freaked Sam off was she took the 2 pups to a petshop for a bath! Bought dry kibbles, frontline/tick collar, dog cloths, toys, milk powder, milk bottle, dog shampoo when we already provided her with the necessity.

That don’t seem fine to us. After much sms-ing between Fan and Sam, we decided that the pups are safer in our hands.So here they are…….waiting for the right owner to come along.


“Don’t look at me!” That’s Leo the unfriendly yorkie seems to be saying

If you think you can provide them a proper home and care, please give us a call .

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