Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Innocent and Sheltered Coco

Coco was quiet and traumatized when I saw her yesterday. Yes she was traumatized.

She has been with humans who have treated her well since she was born. She was Sam first rescued pup. Though she does get reprimanded once in a while for being naughty, like fighting for food, barking over territory and running all over the place without supervision (she is new here), she has never been abused. She is still very innocent and does not know dogs’ rules well.

Yesterday morning when Aunty Kiew was getting ready to market to buy her daily supplies for the doggies and to feed the cats in the market,she heard horrifying dogs barking and growling noises by the riverside.She wasted no time and quickly ran down to check. To her horror she saw Ah P1270064Boy, Blackie, Ah Girl and one more( sorry could not remember all their names) attacking Coco!!! How did this girl stray so far all alone here early in the morning? She is really very innocent doesn’t know that dogs are territorial.

Upon seeing Aunty Kiew, Ah Boy and family quickly ran off. Aunty Kiew carried Coco who was covered by mud to her home to be cleaned. Poor Coco, Aunty Kiew had a hard time cleaning her.

Today, she was still not her cheerful self. Mrs Lai decided to bring her to the vet. 10 minutes after she left Coco succumbed to her injuries. It must have been a terrible attack.

Sam was distraughted when she heard the news. Sam wanted to bury her herself. Still in her working atire off we go after work to send Coco off.Though we try so hard to protect them from been abused the unexpected still may happen.

Coco we do miss your attention seeking nature. May you rest in peace.

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