Friday, February 12, 2010

I get to go home too!!

Food, food, food, where is my food??
Crystal nick named "fat lady" by the aunties here.

Hi, I get to go home too !! My caretaker Mr and Mrs Kuan who had been feeding me before I was caught by dog catcher has decided to take me home. I am no longer a stray!

Bye! Aunty Kiew! Thank you for your kind heart to let me stay at your shed while I have no where to go. Thank you to Kim too for taking me back from PAWS! Thank you to Mrs Lai for feeding me and walked me everyday. To all my 4 legged friends in the shed, I may not have enough time to know you all well, but I hope you all will finally get the chance to go to a good home too! I certainly miss you all! I know my big size and have eaten up most of your food, I promise I will do more exercise in my new home!

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