Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gumball a.k.a. Leng Cai a.k.a Danny boy

Gumball showed his handsome smile on the 1st day we rescued him

On the same day we found out that one of April's rescued pup - Danny died of parvovirus, we rescued Gumball & Furball from the abandoned place. Gumball resembled Danny a lot, thus we affectionately nicknamed him Danny boy.

Since we took the 2 little balls in, we have never pay much attention to Gumball as he was always the healthier & independent one. At 6 weeks old, he had no problems eating dry kibbles. Furball, on the other hand, is constantly whining for attention. He didn't know how to eat kibbles, having watery stool & he is so skinny (merely 1.19kg) as compared to Gumball. Every time we caged 2 of them, Gumball will be the one bullying Furball. Thus Gumball always got scolded by us as we thought he is the fiesty 1. He normally gave us the innocent look after get scolding from us.

Off to foster daddy's house

Gumball was putting on weight steadily, running around at the fosterer's house & even make friends with the 2 resident dogs there. After 2 days being at the fosterer's house, he even managed to make friend with LuiLui (one of TriTri's pup adopted from us) & share pillow with LuiLui every night. His Foster Daddy & Mummy nicknamed him Leng Cai as he is very smart. He enjoyed his foster daddy carry him on his shoulder everyday. Upon checking with the vet, he was healthy enough to be vaccinated. But we did not expect him to be down after the vaccination & it was very difficult to look for a vet on the very 1st day of CNY.
It was so heartbreaking for us to hear him whining in pain while fighting the viruses, crying like a baby. His foster daddy rushed back from hometown after knowing that gumball was not doing well. When his fosterdaddy reached home. Gumball jumped out from the basket & walked to him although he was very much in pain. He must be thanking daddy/mummy for fostering him when he has no where else to go. Even LuiLui was so grumpy seeing gumball being sick & couldn't play with her.

Everyone is so sad knowing that Gumball couldn't make it although we had tried our very best to rush him to the vets.

"Gumball refused to look at us after Dr Muku gave him a jab."

We would like to thank Dr Mukudhan from PJ Old Town who attended to gumball on a public holiday, FOC. He even called us back today to check on Gumball & sent condolences knowing that Gumball did not pull through.

And also, a very big thank you to Susan for being so tolerant with the 2 balls & agreed to foster the 2 demanding puppies.

Thank you to everyone who had comforted me when I broke down in tears not knowing what to do. Thank you Dr Agas for your useful advice when I turned to you for help, although that was the very first time I talked to you.

There is a saying that when a pet that has been close to us pass away, the pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. Our special friends run around & play together all over the meadows & hills. All the animals who had been ill / old are restored to good health. Gumball must having a goodtime with his other furry friends over the rainbow brigde now.

We miss you Gumball. We miss you looking at us innocently after we scolded you, we miss your trusting eyes knowing that we were there to rescue you, we miss the way you wash your leg with the drinking water, we miss the way you tell us to be strong by looking into our eyes. You will never be absent from our heart.

The lil brother, Furball has been quiet since the foster mummy told him Gumball did not pull through. We know he & LuiLui miss Gumball as much as us.

Gumball, R.I.P.

In loving memory of Gumball...

with mama Marisa ... check up in the clinic on 1st day rescue ... Gumball eats all the kibbles given by vets due to hunger...

playful Gumball likes to wash his legs with drinking water...

Patiently waiting for us to set up his cage in fosterer's house...

Sweet lil Gumball, goodbye and we dearly miss will always stay in our hearts...

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Fan said...

I am in tears reading what you have written.Wish we had more time with him. We saved him and yet we lost him.We always thought he was the stronger one thus we neglected him. We tried to save him again but….we still….haiz….We miss you Gumball….