Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finally….Out he goes….to a new home

adopter 007

Yes, finally, someone spotted his cuteness.Daby and hubby had actually decided to take our new pup, Leena, home. Then Frosty came and barked at her.We chided Frosty’s bad manner. Angrily he walked away and put his two front paws in a pot of fresh water and started wading in it then went to a bowl of kibbles and sat there eating.We pulled him away and started laughing. Of Course Daby’s husband was there too to witness his mischievous behavior and was attracted to him.They then decided to bring him home first and to come back for Leena before the Chinese New Year.

Daby we wish you and family all the best with the new addition in your family. Frosty will definately brings you and family sunshine and laughters more than what he has brought us here.

adopter 013 Frosty must be thinking he is going for a car ride to take a bath again

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bearbemama said...

i sure miss u much ~ little cutie'Lar Char Mau'!!