Sunday, February 28, 2010

Don't forget about me!!!

Hei...I am the latest resident in Aunty Kiew's shed. I joined this big family in the transit home after Mickey. Aunty Fan spotted me in an abandoned house looking for food. Aunty Kiew have such a big heart to take me in. I am having such a good time ever since I came here. Aunty Kiew ensure we have enough food to eat. I no longer need to suffer from hunger.

Me and Mickey gobbling up all the food Aunty Kiew offered to us before we were brought back at the abandoned house.

Aunty Sam has named me Tigger because I have brindle stripes. She said I have a unigue colour coat. Oh...yes, I am a boy...and I am 2 months old...

Tell you a secret...I have NO TAIL!!! See my photo below....shy...shy...

Aunty Xuan and Aunty Sam helped me for a bath.

See...Aunty April dried me up and wrapped me with you think I am like an Eskimo man??

I am so eager to have a good home too, like the rest of my brothers and sisters in the shed. I will bring you bundle of joy.

Till I see you...have a nice day.

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