Thursday, February 25, 2010

Barbie The Princess

Sorry for the blurry pic... She is too hyperactive & its not easy to take her pic

We visited barbie last night to hand over her vaccination card to his owner, Mr chua.

When we saw Barbie came out from her princess room, we spotted her big fat tummy immediately. The next thing is the big compound outside her room.

Wow~ She has her own very big compound to run around. According to Mr Chua, there are times that Barbie doesnt feel so ' princessy', she will help him out in doing the gardening . He showed us her gardening spots, the slippers & shoes rack chewed by her. Luckily, Mr Chua understand the puppy behaviour & bought her a lot ot chewbones & Jerhigh.

Oh ya, she is also paper-trained as peeing on the grass doesn't seem so 'princessy'. Haha!

Barbie girl: Jeh Jeh, you are leaving now? Please send my regards to all the aunties & also my 4-legged friends! I miss them tremendously~
*Can you spot her fat tummy?*

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