Saturday, February 13, 2010

6 more again! No 8!

P2110025 P2120046



Just when we thought we have no more young puppies around during this coming Chinese New Year. There are 6 more cute little one found again. Sorry 7, the last 1 was found after 6 were brought to the shed.

Phew! Pleasssseee……… we plead. Spay your pet. You would not like your pet to have uncalled pregnancies and you end up not knowing what to do with the puppies. This is always the case and Aunty Kiew end up picking them from the market area. Well , most of us are not from Kuala Lumpur and we will be going back to our hometown to celebrate our New Year but for Aunty Kiew, its work as usual.

We have jokingly teased her, ‘Kiew you are not a Chinese, so you need not rush with us. Its work as usual for you."

She laughed and replied“Yeah, I am a Thai Chinese and married to a Chinese man! Am I not entitled to celebrate? Well what choice do I have? Our furry friends still need to eat. They can’t find food for themselves anymore.”

True,we suppose she has just can’t leave the furry friends unattended even its an auspicious day to be celebrated with our family.


P2120055 This furry friend, an enlarged carbon copy of Furrball was saved by an elderly Aunty from the pound. Oh dear, can we say NO to her as this little cute fellow will be put to sleep today if we do not take him out. This Softball is human friendly and answer to the command 'Come’. Aiks! Last minute rescue. Where are we going to house them. We can’t put him in the temple as Kiew’s hands are all tangled up.

Glad to say we have a kind hearted young local lady who came rushing to foster him after work. Thanks Noel. In time of needs, you saved us. We really appreciate what you have done.

Sigh, sigh… we ended our day before packing to go back to our home town today at 1minute to 12am last night!

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