Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank you for your great support, our sweet and young Sam!

We would like to say a thank you note to volunteer, Sam, for helping Aunty Kiew so endlessly and wholeheartedly throughout the periods.

Sam! You are so kind hearted! We have yet to meet a young lady like you who is so passionate to save these strays!! Our furry friends here are so great to have you as their saviour.

We in the temple, 2 leggeds and 4leggeds, are very touched by what you have done, been doing , will do and also capable of doing in helping these unfortunate animals. You are our driving force when we slack. We have to admit that, partly age did catch up with us. Our adrenaline flow is not as fast as yours. It is your determination and perseverance that strive us to move futher.

It is a great honour to know you and we wish we could have more young people like Sam to come and help out the poor animals on the street.

Kudos to you Sam!!

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