Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our New Resident

chan sung

This is .Mr Chan Sung He used to stay in this area before the residents here are told to shift out.He is currently homeless. He has been shooed off from his current place .


His only belongings

He waited the whole afternoon to seek permission to stay in the temple. Well to us why should he be denied a space to stay if it is empty all the time?

What an irony, his request was rejected by he who worships the deities in the temple to be blessed in life , right in front of the temple!

When Kiew came feeding the 4 legged in the evening,he told Kiew his situation.Knowing that we will not mind, Kiew offered our space in the shed to him. Well at least our 4 legged will not be harassed when we are not around and they will also have an extra companion too and vice versa.

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