Monday, January 11, 2010

Husky stole the Khors' Heart


Its been a week now since Husky been adopted. David and Jeannette were here to look for an older dog as their pet dog has just passed away. They do not want a puppy as they understand that a puppy needs a lot of attention and grooming but Husky somehow stole their hearts. We know Jeannette was undecided as she knows that puppy can be very demanding. She took a few pictures of Husky to be sent to her daughter abroad. With the approval of her daughter they were back for Husky the next day. Whose heart wouldn’t melt with this little handsome face and cheeky looking puppy.

According to Jeannette, she is very pleased with Husky and is very surprised how well behaved Husky is at home. David and Husky too bonded very well. Thanks Jeannette and David for giving Husky a proper home.

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