Monday, January 11, 2010

Busy days, busy weekend

The Huge 3 month old Golden with his new parents

The independent blue eyed Mandy

A family potrait
There has been no updates for the past few days, but work was still been carried out as usual.

Fan, as usual, busy with rehoming the pups. Good news from her, together with the efforts of Sam and Eileen, Mandy (last pup of Tri Tri) and Golden (puppy of Ah Wong) were adopted during the weekend. Phew! Less worry now with less pups. However, our worries will never end, there is still follow up work after adoption to be done. We need to ensure the puppies are in good hand.

So there is always needs for more volunteers and helpers. Please come forward and help if you can!!


bearbemama said...

CONGRATULATIONS to both golden & Mandy and their wonderful family!!not to forget also thanks to all the ladies here whom work very hard to rehome all the puppies ^^

Paws Mission said...

Thanks bearbermama.We will do whatever we can to help these innocent puppies. We do not want them to be strays, they need a home and be loved too like humans.