Monday, December 14, 2009

We were at Red Tomato Pets Fun Day yesterday!!

Yes! We were at Red Tomato Pets Fun day yesterday at Bandar Untama Central Park!! Thanks to SPCA for allowing us to park under their booth to raise funds for Aunty Kiew's shelter and put the dogs and pups up for adoption. It was truly a tiring day for all of us but it was full of fun. We met volunteers and staffs of SPCA and they were so kind to promote Aunty Kiew's shelter during their educational talk. Thank you Shahrul, Nicole, and Jacinta for being so helpful.

Setting up the booth... we have doggy T sponsored by Sam, thank you so much!

Thank you Mrs Lai, Debbie and Fan for sponsoring the mineral waters, making sandwiches and story books.

Get ready for posters and flyers

Puppies are ready in the pen

This is where we were

Who wants a doggie T?

Oh...dear pups, we hope you have a good home

Naughty Disney tried to escape from the pen

Our big dog Bin is up for adoption too

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Ms Susie Wong for donating dog food, your kind gesture are very much appreciated. We would also like to thanks to all donors who have donated their cash to our fund. Oh...not to forget our dear volunteers Kim, Debbie, Mrs Lai and son too, we will not be able to make this a success without you!! Kim lost her handphone in the morning while we were all busy setting up the booth, we are so sorry Kim, I take this little opportunity to urge whoever that has picked up her handphone to contact us, if you read this article Thank you so much!

We did not manage to get our dog and pups adopted. However it was a meaningful day, we hope we would be able to have more volunteers and helpers so that we will be able to help more should the need arise.

If you are interested to help Aunty Kiew or considering to adopt her dogs and pups, please write to us at We have more pups which we have not posted their photos in the blog. Aunty Kiew welcome any forms of help.

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