Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Updates from our Adopters

Kewy on Olio

Sam recently received a  call from  Kewy who adopted one of the Puchong pup named Olio . Apparently naughty Olio stole some  human cake and got Kewy worried sick. Olio was having diarhea after vaccination & deworming a  day before and now she has stolen some cakes to eat. No worries Kewy just observe her to see that there is no undesirable reaction. Knowing that Kewy is so worried I am glad that Olio has found someone to love her and giving her the undivided attention that we are unable to provide.

 The 3 pups that now stays in Port Dickson

My family adores them and we have bought them lotsa of treats and toys. They are allowed to run freely in my house compound.We have brought them to see a vet and will bring them for their  vaccination when the time is due.

Polly – from the first batch of the rescued pups   

Polly is very obedient and hardly bark but he is very fat.We still keep him in the house as we are afraid of our unfriendly neighbour who might be nasty to him eventhough they own 2 big dogs.

Velvet-from the first batch of the rescued pup

Velvet is getting very fat and naughty. Overall he is doing fine. Will bring him to see you guys one of this day.

Toto renamed Jade

Jade's growing really fast. And very cheeky too! Always up to mischief. I've taken her for her second vaccination a few weeks back. The vet said since she's growing to be quite a big dog, she will need another shot soon ;) I'll send you a picture of her once I've taken one (she doesn't sit still...tough to get a decent clear picture of her =p).

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