Wednesday, December 16, 2009


bin Bin was found wandering aimlessly when he was around 6mths old in Shah Alam by a kind young Malay lady. Since then she has been feeding him and found him very human friendly. Been human friendly Bin obviously trusted the 2 legged and was tricked into a big garbage site where he was locked up on a Friday!. This kind lady who dare not openly save him but ask what the 2 legged will do to him.To her horror he said that he has called the municipal to take him back on the following Monday. This kind lady panicked and quickly called Debbie for a solution.Well how could you turn a deaf ear to this cry? Debbie knows she can’ t bring him back home as she stays in a condominium and already having 2 dogs. The temple is the only place she can think of especially on a late Friday night. So here he is at the temple.

Bin is very friendly to human and to the puppies around but still could not get along with the bigger 4 legged residents here. Well we hope he will slowly mingle with the rest and do not feel so defensive when they approach him. Last but not least we hope to find him a good loving home.

If you would like to share your love with Bin please do contact us. Thanks.

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