Friday, November 13, 2009

Simple us and Obstacles we Faced

It all started as a simple intention of helping Kiew to get adopters for the 12 pups she rescued in the market.Little did we know that there are 4mother dogs in the temple.Our initial work was smooth sailing as there was not much problem besides scouting for adopters and feeding the dogs at the temple. Our joy of having a safe environment for the dogs here were slowly dented by problems after problems emerging

We realized that rescue work is not as simple as it is eventhough the population is not large here.

Medical Problems
-3 new pups rescued from the market were diagnosed with Parvo. One survived and got adopted .
-10 pups from the riverside where Kiew fed died one after another one, eventhough 2 was adopted.
-Nancy suffered vaginal prolapse after delivery.
- the 12 rescued pups fall sick one after another. The weakest one die and they rest gave us anxiety all the time until they were adopted and have a better home and care.

Environment Problems
-We were visited by the councils on and off. Kiew sometimes have to beg them in tears to spare the dogs around….its so heart wrenching not only for her dogs here but to see helplessly those caught in the trucks……what can she do besides begging and crying her heart out. The dogs are so docile that they do not know who these people are. They still wag their tails when the truck approach. Kiew will start throwing stones at them for them to run away…..

- The temple gets flooded each time it rains heavily .For the puppies we have elevated some planks for them to lie while the bigger dogs….I really do not know where they have run to. Due to this situation, we decided to build a shed for them. Luckily the committee of the temple was kind enough to allow us to build the shed behind the temple but then it was not as smooth going as it appears to be. We have our set back along the way but that did not deter us from building the shed.

Hygiene Problems
- I have to admit we are not very hygienic though we try to be as clean as possible with the help of the enzyme we make from home (I must truly give credit to this enzyme solution, ants, not 100%, are kept at bay).Our greatest problem, is we have to rely a lot on rain water for washing and we do bring bottles and bottles of clean water from home each time we come to the temple.

Last but not least Manpower has always been a problem. We understand that in rescue work this is the crucial problem but then we are not giving up.We just work within our means and additional help is always welcomed.

We understand that been a solo rescuer it is very straineous and taxing on an individual. With teamwork we are able to save more lives,reduce stray populations and provide bare neccessity for these animals as much as time permit.

We not only hope to help the animals here but to extend to other areas if situations and conditions allows.....wishful thinking??? We just pray that we can realise all animals lovers' wish.......

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