Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here..here…Kiew’s plight

PB230799 Ahhhh…..Ha!! Just incase you have not read about Aunty Kiew’s plight,please get a copy of this month’s Petster magazine.Thanks, Petster magazine for informing the public what a selfless lady she is. Without her we are unable to extend our help to save this homeless cute innocent little puppies and dogs around.

We feel strongly that we need to do something on ‘Giving Back’ as Tom Bailey written in his blog.These poor animals have lost their instinct to hunt as they have been domesticated for centuries and their habitat has been invaded by we humans with comfortable homes, beautiful parks in the neighbourhood and tall buildings the country are proud of. Now, they are considered as PEST just because they have no place to call HOME. Is this FAIR to them? Is this their fault? If we humans do not help them, this will never be a happy place to be.You will bound to encounter misery and cruelty. Please all of us spread the words to help and support whenever you can though how small it may be…..they need us…

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