Monday, November 23, 2009

An Eventful Day

The two organisations that help us in giving our dogs a better live

The Wong brothers with Toffee.

Our shy Toffee attracted the Wong’s family! Toffee looked lost when we brought her to the 2nd day of the event organized by Petster Magazine. After deciding to adopt Toffee, Toffee was quickly taken for a walk by the Wong brothers. To the Wong family, ‘You will never regret adopting Toffee’,she is an angel!

Janice(who adopted Mocha, one of the soldier from Aunty Kiew’s first batch of rescued puppy) came to help us in this event by taking all the pups a walk. She is so tempted to adopt a companion for Mocha. Janice took 10years to get her parents approval to adopt a pet!! Janice your persistence and patience paid off and I believe your parent's are just as happy as you are with Mocha around. He really must have enriched your whole family’s life with the stories you tell me about him and if you feel that you are ready for another pet, just let us know. (I am still looking for Mocha's Facebook!)

Oophs, sorry Lily I have forgotten to bring your food.

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