Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lucky Casper! (last known as Chuan Chuan)

We’re always overjoyed to receive updates from the adopters on our former furrizens and we can’t help but smile when we’re reading this email from Casper’s (aka Chuan Chuan) awesome new family =)

We dropped by a pet shop with Chuan Chuan to get him some new stuff before going back home. He is so smart and clever.

He managed to choose his own collar, toy and bowl. (He will only walk towards or play around with those he interested, while we busy showing him one by one.)

We gave Chuan Chuan a new name, Casper. And we also have attached few of the photos that we took in the past 2 days.

By the way, we would like to know more about donations, as some of our friends and family members felt to do so.

At the end, thanks for the patient and time for helping us. And special thanks to the other babies: Chocolate, Mario, Snoopy, Kow Kow, Carol, Subang and others. (Can’t really remember all their names, but really love them all.) Thank you for giving us such a wonderful time and experience.

We thank you Jimmy and Fionne for giving Casper a home that’s filled with so much TLC!! (Tender Loving Care)

IMG_01  IMG_02  IMG_03  IMG_05

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