Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mulan Has Her Day!

 Mulan showed her ability of being a good guard dog when she tailed and barked at some strangers outside the shed last Monday.Her alertness captured Mrs Arasu’s son attention and after interacting with her, they found that she too has a fantastic temperament.P9010597

Mulan feeling anxious going to her new home


She relaxed and enjoyed the peaceful surrounding.


Mrs Arasu giving Mulan a rub before showing her, her new room





Look how small Mulan is or shall I say how big her room is.



The minute Mulan went inside her room, her other 4legged house mate came over to pay her a visit, but keeping her distant from her.



This is what Mulan left me before getting out of my car. I have laid plastic sheet for her to sit behind but she insisted of giving me a farewell gift when we arrived at our destination.

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