Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to our humble home

Rawf Rawf…Hello Hello… welcome to our humble home.

It may not look much to you, but to us, it is our sanctuary. It is here that we receive lots of love from the kindred souls that take care and spend time with us.

We also know we will never starved.

We need not worry about looking for food or running from the utterly scary people that use rope or stun gun to catch us.

We really need people to come help feed us and clean our home.. because our paws are so small we are not able to clean after our poo-poo or wash the dish after we’re fed.

We won’t be able to pay with money, but , we can shower you with lots of love and licking.

We love our home, but we never stop wishing for a real home with real family. We also wish to lighten the burden of the kind people who took care of us.. and there are so many more of our friends out there whom need to be saved.



This is our main entrance. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you hear us welcoming you.

*Ruff ruff woofff wwooffff *






Yes yes.. we’re very proud of our team of enthusiastic receptionist. Millie used to be the head of receptionist but she had been rehomed.

But worry not, there’re still many of us who love our job… especially if you come with food *yum yum*

IMG_0496  IMG_0305 IMG_1063


Our Lobby:

This is where we receive our visitors, take afternoon naps, get our weekly massage from Nicole 姐姐 and also our storage area.

19866_244058711385_537286385_3774819_7673002_n IMG_0850 IMG_0337 


Washing Area # 1:

Where we have our bath (some of us likey, some of us don’t likey :D ) and where our dirty laundry and dishes get cleaned.

IMG_0837  19866_244058706385_537286385_3774818_5455894_n

Washing Area # 2:

Yes, there’s so many of us we need two washing area @_@

IMG_0254  IMG_0812


The Kitchen:

This is where our food are prepared!




Our Playground and guest rooms:

IMG_0813  IMG_0820 IMG_0816

IMG_0247  IMG_0964 IMG_0828

IMG_0266 IMG_0174  IMG_0834 IMG_0589

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