Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Buncit & Comot (Kitten for Adoption!)


P1050628 P1050581
Buncit the big-eyed kitten

P1050634 P1050635

P1050619 P1050632
Buncit weighs only 700g!

Baby Buncit doozed off after visiting the vet




Comot the playful kitten

P1050586 P1050583 
Look at my innocent eyes!

My gorgeous bushy tail….

These two (female) kittens are up for adoption! Buncit is almost 2-month-old & Comot is around 3~4 months old. Both of them get along with cats, mouse & dog. Yes… you heard me right. They get along with Auntie Kiew’s white rat & Mr. Brown the poodle.

Please contact Sam 012-2900215 for more info.

P1050575 P1050573
Please meet Auntie Kiew’s cat as well… Ms Lar Char Mau a.k.a. Fei Poh.
She is a very good natured & friendly cat who love belly rub from human. She plays with the fostered kittens as well.

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