Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Updates on Docky

Some of you might have read Docky’s story previously….
For those who has not, please read his story here and here.


Docky is now running happily as the shed with all the other pups. The biggest secret to stay young is to mingle around with youngsters!

Before we brought Docky back to the shed…
P1050483 P1050484
Docky biddimg goodbye to his roomies before leaving the clinic

Even the injured pup came & said BuhBye to Docky

See… How popular Docky is!

No latest pics of Docky in the shed as he busy running around & has no time to sit still to take pics.

A big Thank you to all of you who had bought ribbons or stars to sponsor Docky during the Pet World Expo at Midvalley.

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