Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When Munchy Met Holly

Munchy told us that he is lonely &  looking for a girlfriend. So we decided to bring Sari (now renamed Holly) over for the matchmaking session.

When they first met…. the well-socialised Holly showed Munchy that she is not a threat to him

Munchy: Auntie April, why does Holly roll  over & show me her belly?

April: Holly is just being submissive… You are still the top dog at home!

Munchy: Hey Holly, can we play hide-and-seek?

Playing… Running around….

P1050411 P1050410
Happy Munchy & Lovely Holly
Munchy: Oh dear! I really have a blast!!! Can you be my girlfriend?
Holly: Hi Boss Nara…. can I stay here as well?

We received email from Munchy’s boss a few days later…

Hi Sam,

Thanks for enquiring. We are all still getting used to two dogs. Munchy has readily accepted Holly's presence and is keen to play around with her although sometimes overdoing it. It appears that Holly has accepted her new surroundings. We tried to keep her the first night in the cage and Munchy outside. That did not work out. Firstly Munchy was hanging around the cage wondering why she is inside and soon , Holly too decided that she too would prefer to be outside. We could have allowed her to whine and bark for a while to get her used to being inside, But I was concerned that we were not being fair to the  neighbours esp in the night. So we let both of them be outside but kept the cage gate open in case Holly wanted to sleep there.

Like Munchy, Holly too does not like being caged or even being tied up for a long time. We had to tie her up every time we opened the gate, but if she remains tied too long she starts whining and barking. esp. when she sees Munchy running around. Munchy is of course showing he wants to be domineering but feeding has not been a problem. They are getting their food together at present.

I will have to ask my maid in a weeks time how she is finding the job of looking after 2 dogs, is, My wife and I  are also considering reducing her workload so that she is not overworked.


** Finger-crossing the lovely couple (Munchy & Holly) isn’t being too destructive!**

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