Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Day and Some Updates


Getting Ready for Adoption Drive….

adoption Mulan adoption chrissy (2)

Kim & Fan cleaning up the pups before the event

adoption lily (3) 

Lily is clean & neat now.

(p/s: She is still looking for a loving owner. Please click here for more info)

adoption Subang adoption subang 2

Subang looks puzzled.

Subang: Hey Aunties, why are you all so busy? Where are all my doggy friends going?

adoption macy1

Macy is waiting for April to send her to Desa Parkcity.

adoption mulan sara

Sari helps grooming Mulan while on the way to Desa Parkcity.

Adoption Sara

OMG! Nottie Sari pooped in the car while on the way to the event!

adoption sharon millie (2) adoption Sharon millie

Mummy Sharon grooming her own pup Millie, make sure she is ready for the adoption drive!



During the Event….

013 Wah La! Whose work is this? Can’t you all use a better tape to paste it?

Desa park city 008 A light moment among the reporters?

Desa park city 007Make sure you all get the stories correct. Aunty Kiew is a Thai Chinese not an Indian.

adoption 9 Rocky                                                     Rocky patiently waiting for his adopter, Ms Woo & her kids

adoption 10 Rocky              First dog adopted during the event – Happy Rocky smiling happily with his new family members

 014Macy is tired and wants to be carried like a little baby

adoption macy2

Macy, you are not a baby any more!

And, Macy is still up for adoption!

011Adoption CheChe

CheChe’s first outing. Hopefully someone will notice her.

She is having fungal infection but not Biggie, Malaseb bath weekly would help!

015Sara: My new mummy chose a leash that matches her pants. hee..hee.hee.

Update: Surprisingly she snarled at the maid at home(she is the timid one among the 2 sisters) but the maid is very happy with her as she helped her to repot some plants and did some gardening. She has not started her other duty to guard the house yet :P

adoption Skippy Skipper Adoption skippy

Who is who? Skipper & Skippy in the cage!

adoption 7 sara 

Take one! Skippy! look at the camera!

Camera shy Skippy refused to look at the camera

Desa park city 014Take two! Picture perfect!

Aunty, our little Skippy not dirty lar! We gave her a bath the day before…

Update from Aunty: She has been very good and responsive since the day we brought her home

Desa park city 002

Ooophs! Our seasons sisters (Summer & Winter) all tangled up

Desa park city 003

Finally Summer is out of the tangle

adoption winter Now, only Winter is still available. To adopt Winter, please click here !



Our adorable Tigger is still waiting for the suitable owner to come. He is of good temperament and loves human. We would prefer him to be a companion dog rather than a watch dog.Tigger you will have your day..

Interested on this tame tail-less tiger, click here.

Tigger on behalf of every dog thanking all of you for coming to brightened up our day.





Desa park city 006

Sam, I see you there!

donation tigger (2)

Little Erin and gang, Thanks for all the goodies you all brought for our furry friends

donation tigger

Awww….. How sweet!

Donation1 Desa park city 029

From all our four-legged friend: Wow Wow Wow! Thank you for donating dog food!

adoption chrissy (3)

Crissy resting her head on aunty’s leg while waiting for someone to notice her.

To adopt Crissy girl, click here!

Adoption 3 Cherry Adoption 4 Cherry

Lucky Cherry girl got adopted! She has beautiful eyeliner.


Aaron got adopted as well!

His camera shy sister Ayumi is still available.

adoption 5 adoption 6

Jasmine was adopted by Mr Lin & Family

adoption sulise

Sulise is still waiting for a good home.

Sulise is around 7 months old. She is Jimmy White’s housemate.

She has been spayed & vaccinated once. And also, she makes a good watch dog.

adoption puppy adoption puppy1

Playful Puppy (Black Eyed Peas a.k.a. Panda) was rescued by a young girl Iris. She was adopted during the event as well.

adoption st bernard adoption GR

St Bernard & Golden Retriever dropped by to visit us as well.

 adoption luilui adoption poohpooh

Manday a.k.a. LuiLui a.k.a. SnowWhite came to visit all her old friends. Her housemate PoohPooh tagged along as well.

adoption sharon 2 Adoption sharon

The good natured mama-dog Sharon posing like a superstar.

adoption shyla (2) adoption Shyla

Shyla lazing in the longkang while waiting for her adopter Rainee.

adoption tigger (2)

Tigger enjoys ‘sayang-sayang’ from pretty girl

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