Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank You To All Our Donors

To all our Donors during the adoption drive our furry friends and us would like to say a BIG THANK YOU! Thank You for understanding our plight. Wish all of you will one day come over and join us in this rescuing and rehoming programme.


Little Erin, our riverside babies will definitely grow to be as pretty and generous as you.The tub of milk sure taste Yummy……….they commented. Serena, thanks for the kibbles too.

 D20 Jo Cheong for donating her commission  for the Tupperware sold

Desa park city 028Tigger deserves a kiss for been such a good boy on that day

012 Ms Wong Thank you for the donation from the proceed of your beloved collections


KT Tan, thanks for the books and food.




Sorry if we omitted some of your names. We have no intention to be ungrateful for not thanking you, but being Aunties we could be quite forgetful sometimes(Sorry Sam,April, Apple,Xuan and Rachael – you all are not qualify to be called Aunties yet.For the rest,hope we have not offended any of you as we are not very sure whether to qualify  which of you as Aunties, but obviously you all are not in the twenties as those mentioned above,…xcept…hemm,hemm who still look very young)

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