Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crying Pays

Rocky and Shyla were actually rehomed to the Temple President’s factory when our future were uncertain in March 2010. The Temple President was thinking of doing us a favour by adopting the 2 of them. We just kept quiet though not very happy .We feel indebted to the Temple President for allowing us to build a shed behind the temple.

When Sam heard it, she burst into tears… We felt sad too as factories and farms are our last resort if we cannot find them a proper home. Sam begged us to bring them back…. sobbing away, pleading us to bring this 2 cute furry friends back as they deserve a better home. So all our phones started working hard with calls to Aunty Kiew and the Temple President.

Phew! The next day they were back at the shed fighting with each other again! Back to Normal!! Thanks Mr President for being so understanding!

PC161241 Minnie's twin2 Rocky has cheeky eyes.

adoption 9 Rocky adoption 10 Rocky

Rocky with his new family members.

P1240738 Shyla has talking eyes.

adoption shyla (2) Shylas with wrinkly face looks like a shar pei mixed.


Shyla going back to Seremban with Michael

“All my crying is Worth It” Sam commented. We AGREE. Yea…yeah….

If crying can get all our furry friends a good home, we will start crying. :P

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