Sunday, March 28, 2010

Going home to the Rainbow Bridge

P3190456 Mun Mun held this little one and discovered that her feet was missing

Mun Mun as usual will come in the evening to play with the pups. She asked us see one of the little new chubby puppy of Puchong.’s, the mummy dog we rescued from Puchong pound. She screamed , “Why no feet!” That was a week ago.


Now she gets to run around & play together with the other furry friends all over the Rainbow Bridge

Since then, Sam has been doing her homework. Checking around what need to be done when she gets older, what to feed her and what special nutrition she will need. Thanks to two 3legged owners, Lynnie and Rena for enlightening us on what is expected to care for such pets. Basically they are normal but since she is so young , and we been first timer are kinda of worried.

Sadly,she went to the Rainbow Bridge last evening.

Subang (another mother whom we rescued too) mistakenly went into Puchong’s cage. Realizing that the pups were not hers, bit this little one……..sob,sob…..little one we are very sorry for not been able to save you…….sob,sob……P3270486

Puchong could not understand why her pup was brought out from the cage


Sam said...

The last pic was very very saddening indeed...
The pup died less than half an hour i left the temple =( she must be angry at me saying that want to amputate her 3/4 leg laters

havetailwillwag said...

poor little baby.. she's in heaven now. life is good there. no pain and no evil people. i'm sure she wasn't angry at you. dogs know when we want what is best for them.