Saturday, March 27, 2010

Aunties, dun leave me out, I found my mama too...

Little Dephne is only about 4 weeks old. Her mama stays behind the bushes where aunty Kiew's apartment is located. We could not find her mama after she delievered to a litter of 3. Aunty Kiew took them back to foster at her house. Her siblings has been adopted by Raymond from Kajang.

Amie came to our shed to look for a puppy to be a companion to her existing dogs.

She saw Dephne and immediately fall in love with her.

Here the little Daphne with Amie, they really look like mother and daughter, ya?? It is good to see another pup found her new home...

Daphne will definitely shower Amie with lot of love!! Thank you for giving her a new loving home.

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