Monday, March 29, 2010

Updates that Brighten our day

Jacky-From Kathryn

Image002 (2)May Jenn and Jacky

Image003 (2) The one ear up and one ear down Jacky boy

Hi,Sorry for late reply as are exams just over. Now jacky ears one up one down .Very very active and the teeth is mega sharp :O already give vaccination last week .Bought alot of chewy stuff for him to chew .Always like to dig soil so we bought a dog repellent to put in the soil we also did that for the cat . They still not friends yet ,My cat is very fierce jacky is very friendly . How are the other dogs in the shelter ?I read ur website and it seems like alot of people is adopting them :D Please let me know if you receive my video and pictures.
Keep in touch and god bless

Husky – from David

P1030267 IMG_1601

Husky getting a tummy rub

We did not rename him and see how he is pampered and grown quite big since then

Chili – from Angie

P3090238 Chili – the friendly and fun loving pup

We have named Yumiko, Chili. She is doing really well and getting along very well with our kids and our other 3 dogs (even the big ones). Unfortunately, I have no photos as yet to send you but Chili seems really happy and we are really pleased with her.

Updates like above does leaves us happy………

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