Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Guessing game…..

Below are some feedbacks we received yesterday. These feedbacks are our inspiration to save more lives

………..’s Progress

Here's some pictures of …….. She's growing really fast =D
Anyway, the only reason I managed to take pictures of her is because I gave her treats. Basically I tore a huge piece, then tore a smaller piece to feed her totoand left the balance of the treats on my lap. As I fumbled with my camera, the cheeky little cutie grabbed that HUUUUUGE piece on my lap as fast as lightning and ran under my dad's car for hiding. Naughty girl! But totally cute! Haha!


Can you recognise her? Well she is one of the 12 soldiers rescued by Aunty Kiew!

YES! She is none other than our Toto renamed Jade!

She still have those pair of dreamy eyes. We miss her but Nothing beats a loving Home!

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