Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SOS - Even stray dog knows how to take care of their babies

Look at the photos above in sequence, below is the mail we received from Ms Lee Peng from Sri Gombak:
"About 2 weeks ago a mummy dog gave birth to a litter of puppies in a flithy, smelly drain right in front of a row of shophouses with extremely busy traffic in Taman Sri Gombak (near the market area).

Saturday night - heavy rain so mummy dog took all her young charges out from the drain and left them under a car parked in front of the drain, thinking that this is the safest for her puppies. The next day, one of the shopowners picked up her puppies and put them into a box and mummy dog was there beside the box guarding her puppies.

Monday - mummy dog brought back all her puppies into the drain and continue nursing them.
Tuesday night - heavy rain again.

Wenesday morning - I saw mummy dog with her puppies in front of one of the shophouses. I helped carried her puppies to a safer place and when I left I saw mummy dog sniffing her puppies - I think she will put her pups back to the drain again.

What a caring and stressful mummy dog. She is trying to protect her puppies from being drowned because she knows that when it rains the drain will be flooded with water so she carried her pups out.... must be very tired doing all these carrying around. She is also subject to being shooed away everytime....

This is the life of a stray!"
This is truly sad, isn't it? We are appealing for anybody who is able to help Ms Lee and this poor family, please do contact us.
P/S: Here are some updates from Ms Lee an hour ago:
"Mummy dog - very quiet and will look at me from afar -thinking what i am doing with her puppies. Extremely afraid of human - will immediately walk away if I move even half any inch!
Have not tried to touch her yet but i guess before i can lift my hand to touch her she would have moved away already! I feel bad whenever it rains in sri gombak but luckily she knows how to bring her babies to so call "safety".

When she was expecting i remember seeing her looking at me with those soulful eyes from under one of the vans but she did not come out to eat - must be having morning sickness.
What i can do right now is continue to feed her and hopefully it will not rain heavy tonight so that her puppies can rest safely in the drain. (it is a covered drain - cement type of cover) so cannot spot them from above.

By the way this is mummy dog's 3rd batch of puppies - all other 2 previous batches only 2 survived and come out from the drain - the 2nd batch (one black was killed by a car in front of the same row of shophouse and the other one looks like blind in one eye.)"

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