Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update about Mama dog and her puppies in Sri Gombak

Here is the recent update from Ms Lee Peng about the mama dog and her pups in Sri Gombak:

"Just an update - yesterday night (Wed.) no rain and this morning (Thur) I went and saw mummy dog coming out from the drain and her pups, i guess are all inside the drain - this confirms that she is really protecting her puppies from being drowned.

If these puppies come out from the drain - i think should not be a problem for me to get them alone but the main problem is I can't take them home......"

Can anybody help Ms Lee to foster or rehome all the puppies? Please do contact us.

Please come forward to help us in whatever way you can. Life as a stray animal is not easy, especially for a mama dog who has to take care of her young puppies. Bear in mind, they have no shelter, no food, subject to being chased away any time and worst of all, the dog catcher team might come to catch them. What they have with them is the only thing, the great mother instinct. Please do come and help this innocent dog.

Please leave your message should you be able to help or please write to :

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