Monday, January 4, 2010

Molly - first adoption in year 2010

Molly was rescued by Aunty Kiew on 30 Dec from the market. Look at her picture, she does not look like a mongrel, a small breed like her size deserved to be properly cared in a good home. It is so sad to see young and sweet puppy like her being dumped in the market.
Good news is that we managed to find her a home within 3 days! She was adopted on 2 Jan.

Thanks to Fan who has worked very hard to find all the good homes for the dogs and puppies here. Well Molly, we may not have enough time to know you better but we truly feel happy for you to have found a good home. Please do not cry anymore (Molly cried non-stop when we put her in the cage, as a new arrival in the shed, to monitor her condition), you are in safe hand now!

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