Monday, January 4, 2010

Further updates about Sai-E and family

We received mails and visitors cum volunteers to the shed asking about Sai-E and her pups. Everybody is so concerned and keen to know about her latest condition. Oh, looks like Sai-E's story has touched so many hearts!

Always busy feeding her pups...

Her pups are truly cute and lovely, isn't it? see the little one facing the camera...yummy yummy...mama's milk is so nutritious...

Quick girls...we are going to a temporary home...

Mama, wait for me... I am not done yet!!

Look at the photos above...hmmm...what have we done to her??? tell you later... Sai-E as usual, she is always busy nursing her pups, anytime, anywhere as and when her pups are hungry! A great mama har!!

Ok, the photos above was taken last Friday afternoon, we managed to find a fosterer for Sai-E and family and this was the moment before she was about to get into the car. We feel that it is better for her and pups to be properly cared in a home rather than staying in her old place. You may ask where is her "old" place.Yes, Sai-E is a stray dog who is fed by Aunty Kiew, she does not stay in the shed, she stays in the bushes behind the row of shophouses near the place where Aunty Kiew stays. This is where she is from. Yes, she stays in bushes and comes out for food from Aunty Kiew every evening. you will get the idea how and why she was attacked by the Cobra snake.

Sai-E is currently staying with Sam's cousin sisters. Her mum is also helping her out in taking care of the pups. That has lifted our burden and worry too. We hope to be able to get a new home soon for the lil cutie. Please do help us find a good home for them.

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