Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gotong Royong that we miss to mention……….26.12.09

Another tiring week is coming to and end. We have been so overwhelmed with our individual duties that we have actually forgotten to thank those who came to our shed for Gotong Royong (Spring Cleaning) last Saturday.Eileen and Melissa thanks for giving the shed a good scrub and sterilising it.

The entrance

To Lee Foong, the entrance of the shed,sure do look neater after you have cleared the weeds and your 5 pails of clean water sure did come useful during the hot afternoons.

It was good to have such activity once in a while. We were left exhausted and if you were to notice we did not update much in our blog for the week as we were mentally and physically tired. Hopefully we can catch up this coming week.

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