Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rehomed, Returned and Rehomed

Puppy 2PB140674

Our Lost pup Kennedy found home with the Hos 3 weeks ago but after 1 day he was returned! Kennedy is a hyperactive pup.He will not leave Master Ho alone on the first night. Luckily helpful Kim decided to foster active Kennedy for a week to train him to behave. As usual Kennedy is full of mischief when Kim’s pet dog refused to play with him, you will find him at her neighbour’s compound. Well he could be lonely and needs a companion. So when he went back to the Hos, he has Wolfie’s pup as his companion.According to Mrs Ho, she almost gave up on Kennedy but after giving him more time, she realised that Kennedy is adjusting himself to the new environment and she too is beginning to accept him as he is .Now with Wolfie’s pup around Kennedy is no longer lonely and Wolfie’s pup has a mind of his own too eventhough he is much younger than Kennedy

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