Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday mood...but we have more to worry

Now we are entering the last month of the year and this is the month that is normally filled with fun and joy...everybody is in their holiday mood with festive season around the corner!!

As usual, we are still coping with the constraint and limitation we are facing in the shed. Being a holiday season meaning this is a rainy season too. Our shed will get flooded when there is heavy down pour. However, on the other hand, the rain also does help us in solving the water problem (we have no water supply, we only rely on rain water for all the cleaning work)

What worry us more is the coming dry season, how are we going to source for water supply if there is no rain. In dry season we may not be able to use clothes as too much water is needed to wash them. Thanks to Mrs Lai who highlighted this issue. And for the fact, if there is no rain for a 2 consecutive day, we have to be careful in order not to waste. So, we have to plan ahead and do something.

Last Sunday, Mrs Lai, Kim and Aunty Kiew approached the prawn fishing Indian boss (Deva) and talked to him about this problem. (If you have been to our dog shed, the prawn fishing pond is just a stone throw away from the temple)He is so kind to propose that we put up a tanki. Deva will help us on this and we can get water supply from him. Though he said the water is free of charge but we decided we should pay him some money. At the same time, Mrs Lai called the Chairman of the temple and he said we can put it across the drain at the other side where the bungalow sheds are located as they will do some extension for a bathroom and a kitchen for their workers and people who come to visit the temple.

We will be using old iron stand and old tanki supplied by Deva and he will do it up for us, we will reimburse him once it is done.

Hopefully everything go smoothly so that our doggies will have constant supply of water and a clean place to stay.

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