Thursday, December 3, 2009

Puppies gaining back confidence

3 puppies were rescued by Aunty Kiew 3 weeks ago in the market (again...yes! again), they were nearly picked up by DBKL dog catcher team. Kind Kiew placed them in the small shed while they were recovering from the trauma. Poor puppies cuddled each other and squeezed on one side in the shed.

They were too scared to meet people, Aunty Kiew was bitten by the white pup when she tried to pacify them. They only dare to eat when everybody is out of side. Last Saturday when I saw them, they finally moved out of the shed and stayed along with the rest of their friends. However, they still trust nobody. We hope the puppies are gaining back their confidence the soonest possible, we wish we can help more to give them a good and loving home.

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