Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bye Mum…….. take care!

PC020950 PC020948 Bye Mum, I hope you will find a good home too. I will miss you mum. Though we do not have to worry about food and shelter here, but its obviously better to have a owner to care for you and a cleaner environment to stay.

PC020945Timothy and John with Lemon

The last of Wolfie’s pup, Lemon found home with the Ngiams. The Ngiams came 2 times to visit the doggies.After carefully deciding which pup to adopt ,they finally came back in the evening to take Lemon home. Andrew and Joyce thanks for giving Lemon a home and your kind concern of our doggies’ welfare here. Your offer to help is very much appreciated. Do visit us whenever time permits. Hope Lemon will bring your family lots of laughter and joys as she has given us here.

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